His: Varan the Unbelievable

Varan the Unbelievable In 1950s Japan, mankind’s meddling has awakened an indestructible terror from the past.  A dinosaur arises from a mysterious body of water and wreaks havoc on a small village that worships the beast as a god.  After its attack on the village, the monster swims toward Tokyo, despite the military’s best efforts … Continue reading

His: The Mysterians

The Mysterians It’s the 1950s and movies are dominated by nuclear paranoia, Communist paranoia, and UFO paranoia.  Toho had already delved into nuclear paranoia, and the U.S. more than had Communist paranoia covered, so UFOs it is!  Were they successful?  Let’s find out! We start off with an astrophysicist named Shiraishi, his ex-fiance, her sister, … Continue reading

Hers: The Mysterians

The Mysterians is…well, of all the movies I’ve seen, this is one of them. Let’s just get this over with. So the Mysterians is less of a Godzilla movie, per say, and more of “hey, there’s a monster in this for about 3 minutes so I suppose this counts”. It’s also…well, it’s…something. The Mysterians opens … Continue reading

His: Rodan

Rodan Well, chronologically the next movie we should be watching is Half Human, but that film is nigh on impossible to find.  Toho banned that movie for its racist depiction of the Ainu people.  It’s kinda like the Song of the South of Toho Sci Fi. So that brings us to Rodan.  We watched the Americanized version, … Continue reading